The Nihil, Star Wars: The High Republic"s Greatest Villains, Explained

The Nihil are some of the newest villains in the Star Wars continuity, existing during The High Republic Era hundreds of years before the events of The Skywalker saga. A group of vicious marauders with unique resources and power, the Nihil established themselves as a major force to be reckoned with, even against the Jedi Order at the height of their own power. As such, the Nihil are a sinister Star Wars group certainly worth knowing about.
Having been introduced at the very beginning of Lucasfilm's High Republic publishing initiative, the Nihil caused several major crises such as the Great Hyperspace Disaster and the Fall of Starlight Beacon as seen in the canonical novels and comics. However, they also made an important appearance in the new Jedi: Survivor game as well. Here's everything you need to know about the Nihil marauders in the Star Wars galaxy.


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