Will Grant Gustin Return As The Flash In The Future?

The Flash will end its nine-season long run in 2023, leading many to wonder whether Grant Gustin will ever return as Barry Allen in the future. The first season of The Flash aired in 2014, serving as a spin-off of the CW's other popular DC superhero series, Arrow. Since then, Gustin has played Barry Allen across nine seasons and multiple CW crossovers, doing so in a way that sees him often ranked among some of the best live-action comic book character castings.
With 2023 also seeing the debut of The Flash, the feature film serving as both the end of the DCEU and the new beginning of James Gunn's DCU, the future of the Flash’s character is uncertain. With Ezra Miller's unclear future as the character hanging over the Flash movie, questions have turned to Grant Gustin's return after The Flash's ending and whether it would be possible to reprise his role as Barry Allen in the future. While Gustin may have specific thoughts on his return to the character, here is everything that has been said about his potential reprisal of the fastest man alive.
Grant Gustin Is Opening To Returning As The Flash When concerning the actor in question, Grant Gustin has addressed a future Flash return. In an interview with Us Magazine, Gustin stated that, while he has not received any calls about any future Flash stories, he would certainly be open to the idea. Gustin goes on to describe exactly what the character means to him personally, stating that Barry Allen is a character he will be associated with for the rest of his life, regardless of whether he plays the Flash again.
Gustin naturally states that the end of such a long tenure on The Flash is difficult to wrap his head around. Despite this, the actor reaffirmed that he will always be open to future ideas surrounding a character so close to his heart. With the Flash's future in the balance, it is comforting to hear that an actor who understands the role as thoroughly as Gustin is more than open to a return in the near or distant future.
Grant Gustin Isn't Currently Set To Return As The Flash With both the cancelation of CW's The Flash and the release of The Flash in theaters coming in 2023, many theories have centered on whether Gustin could return in the latter. This is not out of the realm of possibility, especially given the appearance of Ezra Miller as their version of the character during the "Crisis on Infinite Earth's" crossover event on the CW. However, this idea of a Gustin cameo in The Flash has been addressed at length, by both Gustin himself and the director of the upcoming feature film, Andy Muschietti.
As per a report by Nerdist, Muschietti addressed the idea of a Grant Gustin cameo shortly after an early screening of The Flash. Muschietti mentioned that the film already featured many cameos, with the potentiality of including some of the CW's TV characters floating around at one point. However, Muschietti then stated that they simply had to pick, settling on the characters that appear in the movie with Gustin's Flash not being one of them.


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