Marvel Celebrates Tom Hiddleston's Blue Loki With Special New Funko

Funko released a new vinyl figure of Tom Hiddleston"s Blue Loki from 2011"s Thor
Loki"s journey began in Thor, where the character found out that he was adopted. In the movie, it was revealed that Loki was born as a Frost Giant from Jotunheim. 
When Loki touched the Casket of Ancient Winters (the ancient weapon of the Frost Giants), his skin turned blue and he ultimately discovered he was adopted. 
Funko Highlights Loki"s Frost Giant Form Marvel StudiosFunko officially released a new, limited edition vinyl collectible featuring Tom Hiddleston"s Frost Giant form from the first Thor movie. 
FunkoThe special Funko figure has an impressive glow-in-the-dark feature: 
FunkoPre-order the new Loki Funko Pop! here.
The limited edition Blue Loki Funko Pop has Infinity Saga branding and packaging. 
FunkoOn the back of the box, the first Thor movie"s logo can be seen. 
FunkoMarvel Celebrates Loki"s Frost Giant FormThis isn"t the first time that Tom Hiddleston"s Blue Loki was pushed to the forefront. 
Marvel Studios" What If...? already highlighted an alternate version of Loki where he grew up as one of the Frost Giants. 
In fact, Funko even released a vinyl collectible of the icy prince from Jotunheim. 
It remains to be seen if Blue Loki or the Frost Giants as a whole will return in Phase 5 and beyond. 
However, the continued exploration of Hiddleston"s God of Mischief in Disney+"s Loki series could mean that Loki"s icy heritage in Jotunheim might take the spotlight once again. 
Thor is streaming on Disney+.


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