Spider-Man 4: Cast, Story, & Everything We Know

  • Spider-Man 4 is confirmed and will be a part of the MCU's future, debunking speculations that No Way Home marked the end of Holland's Spider-Man.
  • The initial Spider-Man trilogy being confirmed as the "Home trilogy" suggests that future movies may follow a different trend or have distinct titles without a clear continuing tradition.
  • The story details for Spider-Man 4 aren't yet clear, but it could be based around Peter trying to reconnect with MJ and Ned, exploring a more isolated friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, or the plot could otherwise focus on the Venom tease at the end of No Way Home.
The current Spider-Man 4 updates bode well for those excited about Tom Holland's MCU hero future. Phase 4's biggest movie was easily Spider-Man: No Way Home, finishing its theatrical run as the third highest-grossing Marvel Cinematic Universe movie worldwide. This led to talk about the future and the possibility of another MCU Spider-Man movie. Some thought No Way Home marked the end for Holland's Spider-Man, but the end offered some promise for future storylines. No Way Home was an incredible spectacle, bursting with entertainment and offering the joyous fan service that only top-level comic book movies usually manage.
In the post-Avengers: Endgame world, the expectations placed on Marvel movies increased exponentially, and No Way Home's massive scope was a testament to the need to try and outdo the Infinity Saga. That it has achieved such success is astonishing, but now attention turns to what Sony and Marvel can do next with this character in the MCU timeline. Here's everything known about Spider-Man 4 and how No Way Home possibly sets up Tom Holland's upcoming Spider-Man movie future.


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