DC"s New Justice League Movie Has A Genius Multiverse Twist The Flash Can"t Compete With

DC Universe’s Justice League: Warworld, an upcoming DC animated movie, has a multiverse twist that The Flash and other multiverse movies cannot compete with. The first Justice League: Warworld trailer revealed more about the film’s story, teasing a story centered on Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman. The main Justice League: Warworld villain seems to be Superman foe Mongul, whose Warworld planet is the key to the film’s multiverse twist.
Multiverse stories have become quite common in superhero movies and TV shows, both from Marvel and DC. For example, the MCU is now in the Multiverse Saga, during which variants and alternate realities are appearing very often. Likewise, the DCEU is embracing the multiverse with The Flash movie. Justice League: Warworld’s trailer teased something similar, yet it is not a regular multiverse movie.
Justice League Warworld Deals With Multiple Realities (But With A Twist) Justice League: Warworld will see Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman placed in a different world each. Batman seems to be in Justice League: Warworld’s version of Starkaris, a place forgotten by the time that usually exists inside Earth’s core in the DC Comics lore. Wonder Woman is in the Wild West, which could indicate some sort of time travel. Finally, Superman is in a black-and-white world that is being attacked by the White Martians. In theory, that should make Justice League: Warworld another just multiverse movie. However, the Justice League: Warworld trailer reveals that each of those locations is part of the same planet – Mongul’s Warworld.
There are a few different versions of Mongul’s Warworld in DC Comics. However, it is usually depicted as a living planet controlled by Mongul’s mind that works as a battle station. Justice League: Warworld is doing something different, revealing that there are pocket worlds within Mongul’s Warworld. When asked by Superman “where on Earth” they were, Mongul answered “Warworld.” Therefore, instead of the usual multiverse trope, DC’s new Justice League animated movie is using Warworld to feature different worlds in the same movie. Not only that avoids making Justice League: Warworld another multiverse movie, but it also puts an interesting spin on Mongul’s Warworld storyline.
DC’s New Animated Movie Could Be The Tomorrowverse’s Best Yet Justice League: Warworld, DC’s new animated movie premiering in 2023, is shaping up to be one of the best Tomorrowverse movies. The Tomorrowverse is one of the many DC animated universes and replaced the DC Animated Movie Universe with a new series of films. Whereas the DCAMU was heavily inspired by DC’s New 52 comics, the Tomorrowverse is adapting classic post-Crisis DC stories, although not directly. The Tomorrowverse currently consists of Superman: Man of Tomorrow, Batman: The Long Halloween Part I and II, Justice Society: World War II, Green Lantern: Beware My Power, and Legion of Superheroes. All of those films take place in the same DC continuity.


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