MCU Fans Can"t Stop Looking For Chloe Bennet"s Quake In New Secret Invasion Trailer

The latest Secret Invasion trailer has Marvel Cinematic Universe fans looking for Chloe Bennet's Quake from Agents of SHIELD. Phase 5 is finally getting ready to unleash its first Disney+ series for 2023, with Samuel Jackson returning to the MCU as Nick Fury in Secret Invasion. Based on the iconic Marvel Comics storyline, the show will follow Fury as he attempts to prevent a massive Skrull invasion.
Following the release of the latest Secret Invasion trailer to hype up the series premiere, it didn't take long for longtime MCU fans to resume the search for a beloved Agents of SHIELD character in the show: Quake. With the massive spy-thriller element of Secret Invasion, fans have been campaigning to see Bennet reprise the role of Daisy Johnson in the upcoming Disney+ drama, and the new trailer inspired more discussion. Check out several responses below:


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