9 Upcoming Movies Studios Are Desperate To Make Now The WGA Strike Is Finished

  • After a 148-day strike, the Writers Guild of America has finally reached a fair deal with studios, allowing rewrites for movies in production and progress on prioritized projects.
  • Paramount is prioritizing a new Star Trek movie and a live-action adaptation of Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six now that the strikes are over, hoping to revive these franchises.
  • Warner Bros. is eager to continue filming the sequel to The Batman and the Superman reboot, while also focusing on completing projects like Beetlejuice 2 and Gladiator 2.
After 148 days, the Writers Guild of America has finally reached a fair deal with the studios, ending the second-longest strike in the history of the industry — and studios are eager to start making movies again. Since early May, no writer in the guild could work on any Hollywood production, stalling almost every movie in pre-production and delaying those that were already filming. Now that the strike is over, rewrites can be done for movies that were in the middle of shooting, and projects that studios are prioritizing can finally be written.
According to Variety, "several big movie projects could see pre-production resume quickly," but many are still held up by the SAG-AFTRA strike that has yet to be resolved. Filming for most of these projects can't resume until the actors also receive fair compensation for their work. However, with the writers no longer picketing, at least some movement can be made on these films. The end of these strikes is well in sight, and these are the movies that Hollywood is paying attention to first.


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