Star Wars Confirms Complete Timeline... Except One Major Mandalorian Event

Star Wars is intentionally leaving a major event from The Mandalorian vague in terms of its place on the established timeline. As revealed in The Mandalorian series as well as in The Book of Boba Fett, the Mandalorian people and their homeworld suffered a great tragedy at the hands of the Empire. However, it's now unclear as to when this near-genocide actually happened in the galaxy far, far away.
Lucasfilm Publishing has recently released Star Wars: Timelines, a new book from Kristin Baver, Jason Fry, Cole Horton, Amy Richau, and Clayton Sandell. Providing a fairly comprehensive timeline for the Star Wars continuity, fans now have a very helpful reference guide full of new reveals and insights into the order of events during the Skywalker saga and even deeper into the past dating back to the very first Jedi. However, there's a glaring omission in the new book regarding the Mandalorians' history which is rather odd.


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