10 Star Wars Characters" Post-OT Canon Fates vs. Legends

The original Star Wars trilogy may have ended with Return of the Jedi, but its characters continued their adventures long afterward in both canon and Legends, meeting different fates in each continuity. Many of these characters' roles and core attributes remained the same in both timelines, but there are several notable differences as well. This makes for a fascinating comparison between canon and Legends' respective approaches to classic Star Wars characters, and how their stories shape the galaxy after the original trilogy. It also gives new Star Wars stories in canon the opportunity to create character arcs that differ from those told previously in Legends.
The biggest difference between the characters in Star Wars canon and Legends is that one hasn't had as much time as the other to tell stories set after the original trilogy. The canon books and comics had limitations while the sequel trilogy was being released, and although stories like The Mandalorian expanded on some of the heroes from the original trilogy, the TV shows have also had a greater focus on new characters. Legends, on the other hand, had several decades to tell stories set after Return of the Jedi, so here are the fates of 10 major Star Wars characters after the original trilogy, both in canon and in Legends.


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