8 Canceled DC Movies James Gunn’s DC Universe Should Revive

Only a few films from James Gunn's DC Universe plans have been announced, but the franchise should revive several canceled DC movies. The official unveiling of Chapter 1 of the DC Universe came in early 2023 as Gunn and Peter Safran, the new co-CEOs of DC Studios, announced five movies and five shows that are in development. The DC Universe movies include reboots of known characters, such as Batman and Superman, after their significant roles in the DC Extended Universe. Gunn and Safran also plan to utilize other comic heroes that have not been done properly or seen before, including Booster Gold, Green Lantern, Swamp Thing, and The Authority.
The new DC Universe slate comes after a decade of Warner Bros. and DC struggling to launch a cohesive cinematic universe involving the iconic comic characters. There have been several changes in leadership over the decade, with Zack Snyder, Jon Berg, Geoff Johns, and Walter Hamada each having control at different points. This led to an abundance of DC movie announcements by each regime, while the changeover ultimately meant repeating a pattern where many of the exciting projects did not move forward. There are plenty of canceled DC movies that James Gunn should consider reviving as part of the DC Universe plans.
8 Batgirl The most publicly canceled DC movie worth reviving for the DC Universe is Batgirl. The film was shockingly canceled by Warner Bros. in 2022 despite it finishing production as part of a tax write-off. Although Batgirl was set to debut on HBO Max in 2022, WB CEO David Zaslav canned the film as part of his vision to only have DC movies released in theaters. DC Studios co-CEO Peter Safran claimed that the film was "unreleasable," even though it was not his or Gunn's decision. That has not stopped interest in seeing the star of DC's canceled Batgirl in some form.
While it is now impossible for WB and DC Studios to save Batgirl and release the film that was canceled, the DC Universe could make a new solo film for Leslie Grace's Barbara Gordon instead. It has already been confirmed that the DC Universe's Batman has an established Bat Family in The Brave and the Bold. Leslie Grace's Batgirl could be a member of that group and return for a solo movie that Gunn and Safran can help shape. This would inherently make the DC Universe's Batgirl different from what was previously planned, as Michael Keaton's Batman was slated to appear.
7 Gotham City Sirens The DC Universe could also save the Gotham City Sirens movie that was canceled. The Harley Quinn, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy team-up movie was announced to be in development by Suicide Squad director David Ayer in 2016. It has not made any progress since then and was effectively canceled as Margot Robbie pursued making Birds of Prey instead. Gotham City Sirens would be an ideal way for James Gunn to keep Robbie's Harley Quinn as part of the DC Universe. It could build off her The Suicide Squad ending, while Robbie's wish for a Harley and Poison Ivy romance could also transpire.
6 Deathstroke DC's canceled movie Deathstroke is also something James Gunn should look at reviving for the DC Universe. The original plans for the film starring Joe Manganiello as Slade Wilson were announced in May 2016 with The Raid director Gareth Evans attached. Unfortunately, the movie failed to make much progress over the next few years, leading Evans to confirm that he was no longer developing the project. A Deathstroke movie holds great potential for the DC Universe as a chance to shine the spotlight on one of the comic's most skilled assassins. Since Deathstroke was almost in The Suicide Squad, Gunn's known interest in the character could be a good sign.


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