Luke Skywalker Avoided Yoda"s Fatal Order 66 Mistake In The Empire Strikes Back

Luke Skywalker's decision in The Empire Strikes Back allowed him to avoid repeating Yoda's biggest Star Wars mistake. Luke's training on Dagobah had him constantly at odds with Yoda, and there's no doubt that the Jedi Master was right on several key points. Yoda saw much of Anakin Skywalker in Luke, so it made sense for him to worry that Luke would follow in his father's footsteps. Luke's training with Yoda helped him face his inner conflict and stop doubting what was possible through Force, while also being careful of negative emotions that could lead to the dark side.
However, Yoda was not completely infallible, and some of his advice to Luke was wrong. Yoda's perspective made sense from his point of view, but if Luke had heeded Yoda's warning then he may have made the same error that his teacher once did. Yoda and the Jedi Council made many mistakes during the Star Wars prequel era, from failing to see Darth Sidious in front of them to keeping too many secrets. One of Yoda's secrets proved to be his greatest mistake in the Clone Wars, so while Luke wasn't perfect in The Empire Strikes Back, he at least chose to do something that Yoda wouldn't.


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