The MCU Just Made Bucky"s Vibranium Arm So Much Weaker

Bucky Barnes' vibranium arm looks much weaker after the events of Marvel Studios' Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3. Karen Gillan reprised the role of Nebula for James Gunn's final MCU project, officially joining the Guardians of the Galaxy as they set out to save Rocket and defeat the High Evolutionary. Over the course of her MCU career, Nebula has been through some dramatic changes, both emotionally and physically. The latest of these, along with some cosmetic changes to make Nebula look much more human, came in the form of a new prosthetic arm, fit with nanotechnology that made for the perfect multi-purpose tool.
After being adopted by the Mad Titan Thanos as a child, Nebula grew up sparring and training with Gamora, though each time she lost to her sister, Thanos would torture her, replacing pieces of her body with cybernetic upgrades in an effort to make her Gamora's equal. On one such occasion, Nebula found herself trapped and abandoned by her father and sister, forced to amputate her own arm to escape. While Nebula could be seen with the same prosthetic arm throughout most of her MCU journey, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 revealed she'd been given an upgraded arm, which puts one other one-armed MCU hero to shame.


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