Spider-Man 2 PS5: First Look at Lizard & Kraven Revealed (Photos)

A first look at the Lizard and Kraven the Hunter was revealed as a part of Marvel"s Spider-Man 2"s first gameplay showcase. 
Insomniac Games" wall-crawling PlayStation sequel is set to debut sometime this fall, with fans getting to take control of a full-fledged Spider-Man adventure on the PS5. 
Despite being announced nearly two years ago, still not much is known about Spider-Man 2 except that it will be "an epic single-player adventure" and Venom and Kraven were teased to feature heavily. 
With the Fall 2023 release coming imminently, fans have gotten antsy to see more from the super-powered PlayStation title, as it looks to follow up on two of the best-reviewed comic book video games of all time. 
Lizard and Kraven Coming to PlayStation PlayStationSony"s latest PlayStation Showcase came to a close with a debut of gameplay from Insomniac Games" Marvel"s Spider-Man 2, including reveals for Kraven the Hunter and the Lizard. 
The gameplay segment featured both Miles Morales and Peter Parker racing across New York City on a high-speed chase looking for Dr. Curt Connors (aka the Lizard). 
PlayStationThe two web-slinging heroes took the classic reptilian villain head-on across the Hudson River in what looked to be a thrilling confrontation before Peter told Miles he would take care of Lizard himself. 
Also featured in the trailer was Kraven the Hunter, who looks to be taking the hunt to New York, tracking down not just NYC"s web-headed heroes but their villains as well. 
PlayStationIn classic Kraven fashion, the world"s greatest hunter"s brutal nature was put on display, setting up an epic head-to-head battle with New York"s friendly neighborhood wall-crawlers. 
Judging from a tablet shown at the beginning of the trailer, it looks as though Dr. Conners has taken on his Lizard form before Kraven actually gets to New York, as he appears on a map of the city shown to Kraven before he comes stateside. 
PlayStationBoth villains look pretty similar to their comic book counterparts with Kraven specifically pulled straight from the page. 
Marvel ComicsThe Lizard design feels less comic book with the character lacking human traits like the lab coat or purple pants seen on the page. 
Marvel ComicsSee the full gameplay segment below:
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