The Arrowverse"s Future After The Flash Series Finale: What"s Next

The future of the Arrowverse is in question after the finale of The Flash series. Originating in 2012 with the action-adventure series Arrow, the shared setting that became known as the Arrowverse was one of the most ambitious achievements in the history of fiction. Originally unifying the DC Comics superhero series created for The CW network, the Arrowverse grew to encompass every adaptation of a DC Comics property ever produced for film and television, from the 1966 Batman television series starring Adam West to the cinematic DCEU.
The Arrowverse peaked with an adaptation of the classic comic book miniseries Crisis on Infinite Earths in 2019, which reset the multiple realities making up the core Arrowverse onto a single shared world dubbed Earth-Prime. Unfortunately, a number of factors averted the increased potential for more crossover events between series promised by the Post-Crisis Arrowverse. The series stagnated, and now the fate of the Arrowverse setting has been called into question in the wake of a wave of cancelations and new management at both DC Studios and The CW.


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