Why Aquaman 2 Will Be DC"s Biggest Movie Of 2023, Not The Flash

Despite The Flash's high anticipation and positive reviews, Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom has the chance to be DC's most successful movie of 2023. DC movies have had a bumpy ride at the box office for a long time. For every record-breaking hit like The Dark Knight there has been a box office bomb like Green Lantern, and for every successful DCEU entry like Wonder Woman there has been a massive flop like Wonder Woman 1984 or Shazam: Fury of the Gods.
DCEU movies have also experienced a complex reception. For instance, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice remains the second-best box office success in the franchise, but it is perhaps one of the DCEU's most divisive entries for DC fans, critics, and the general audience. On the other hand, The Suicide Squad received much better reviews than Suicide Squad and Black Adam, but its box office performance still failed to match its positive reception. Likewise, The Flash has all the necessary elements to rise to the top of the DCEU's box office rankings, but Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom could still surpass it.


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