10 Star Wars Movie Plot Holes That Were Secretly Fixed

The Star Wars movies have had several plot holes over the years, but many of them were secretly fixed in other stories. Whether a plot hole was always part of a Star Wars movie or was created by another story, the franchise has skillfully retconned a majority of the films' continuity errors. Most Star Wars plot holes are answered through reference guides, novels, comics, and sometimes the TV shows, which have several seasons to tell their own stories while expanding on the movies. This may not satisfy viewers who only care about the films, but it's perfect for those wanting to expand their knowledge of the Star Wars universe.
Star Wars has always been unique when it comes to continuity, with countless fans eager for errors to be rectified and a legion of storytellers ready to make it happen. A long-running movie franchise is bound to have plot holes, but it's remarkable that the timeline is constantly being updated and retconned to make it more cohesive. Having these plot holes answered can make the movies more enjoyable by clearing up confusion, or at least serve as a gateway to other great Star Wars stories. 10 of the biggest Star Wars movie plot holes demonstrate how the franchise's continuity errors are constantly being fixed.
10 Why The New Republic Was Destroyed So Easily One of the sequel trilogy's first plot holes was how the First Order destroyed the New Republic so easily. The New Republic had been the galaxy's governing body for 30 years by then, so its defeat should have taken more than destroying one system. The Star Wars books set between Return of the Jedi and Star Wars: The Force Awakens explained that the New Republic chose to demilitarize because they wanted to avoid repeating the Empire's mistakes. While this was a noble mindset for Mon Mothma to have, it also made the New Republic vulnerable, allowing the First Order to take control of the major systems in a few weeks.


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