1 Key Batman Character Still Hasn"t Been Used Since Batman 1989

A key character from 1989’s Batman, surprisingly, has not appeared in and of the iconic film’s subsequent properties, but perhaps she should. A classic Batman supporting character from the comics plays a major role in Tim Burton’s genre-redefining Batman, serving as an audience surrogate and having a major effect on Bruce Wayne’s character arc. Unfortunately, Batman Returns and all other material from the Burton duology’s branching timeline omits this character, though they can and should reappear in some form or another.
The Tim Burton Batman movies redefined how films are marketed and helped establish the modern superhero blockbuster film. The continuity has at least two branching franchises after the events of Batman Returns, with the original being Joel Schumacher’s two Batman movies and the other being Sam Hamm’s Batman ’89 comics. A prominent supporting character from 1989’s Batman has yet to reappear in either franchise but is important and iconic enough to warrant a return.
Vicki Vale Hasn't Been Used Since Batman 1989 - Why? In Sam Hamm’s original story treatment for Batman Returns, Vicki Vale was set to retain her supporting character status in a film that served as a more direct sequel to 1989’s Batman. Tim Burton, who Warner Bros. convinced to make another Batman movie by promising far more creative freedom than he had before, eschewed Hamm’s story for a new script with far fewer connections to Keaton’s first Batman outing, hence Vicki Vale’s absence. Joel Schumacher’s Batman Forever and Batman & Robin each gave Bruce Wayne a different love interest, seemingly solidifying Vicki Vale’s status as a bygone figure in the franchise.


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