Strange New Worlds" Number One Timeline: When Does "The Cage" Happen?

Number One (Rebecca Romijn) returns to the Starship Enterprise in Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2, but it's not necessarily because of the events of Star Trek's original pilot, "The Cage." Starfleet arrested Lt. Commander Una Chin-Riley in the SNW season 1 finale, but the trailer for Strange New Worlds season 2 revealed that she's back aboard the USS Enterprise. While audiences could have easily assumed that Captain Christopher Pike (Anson Mount) would be able to free his second-in-command from prison, it's still surprising that Una's freedom has already been revealed ahead of the season 2 premiere.
Interviewed about Star Trek: Strange New Worlds season 2 in the latest issue of SFX Magazine, showrunner Akiva Goldsman spoke about why Una's fate was revealed in the trailer. However, Goldsman's explanation may not tally with the established continuity for the character of Number One and her service aboard the USS Enterprise. In response to Una's appearance in the SNW season 2 trailer, Goldsman said (via SlashFilm) that "We all know that Number One is on Pike's Enterprise for 'The Cage', right?" which perhaps hints that "The Cage" happens after Strange New Worlds. While Number One is indeed on Pike's Enterprise during "The Cage", there may be confusion to clear up about Una's Star Trek timeline.


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