The Flash Movie Image: Best Look At Barry Allen"s Costume Made From Batsuit Parts

A new image from The Flash has been released, featuring the best look yet at the alternate Barry Allen's Flash suit that appears to have been made from a batsuit. Starring Ezra Miller in the titular role as two versions of the same superhero, this new Barry Allen duo will be joined by Sasha Calle who's playing a brand-new version of Supergirl. Likewise, multiversal chaos will also see them joining forces with Micheal Keaton's Batman from the Tim Burton-directed movies.
A film almost a decade in the making, The Flash will see Barry Allen attempting to save his mother in the past, creating a domino effect of colliding timelines. This will undoubtedly explain the humorous pairing of dual Flashes. Now, Total Film Magazine has revealed a new image featuring the classic Flash next to the new alternate Barry that will be introduced, offering a great look at his Flash suit retrofitted from one of Keaton's batsuits. You can check out the image below:
Evidently, it seems both Flashes will be in a rush to save reality, having no time to make this second Barry an official suit of his own.


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