Deadpool 3 May Actually Be Improving Hugh Jackman"s Wolverine In 1 Critical Way

Deadpool 3 could actually improve Hugh Jackman's Wolverine when taking comments from Ryan Reynolds into account. Since appearing in 2000's X-Men, Hugh Jackman has been widely considered one of the best comic book castings in superhero cinema history. This was only furthered by Jackman's continued roles as the character over the next two decades and solidified by his fantastic performance in 2017's Logan.
However, despite Jackman's brilliant repeated performances as the character, there have been some drawbacks in terms of how Logan/Wolverine was written. From the movie version of Wolverine being much less rage-filled than the Wolverine of the comics to the lack of other Marvel super-teams Logan was a part of and an absence of a comic-inspired costume, Jackman's version of the character had some differences to the comics. As a result, Deadpool 3 can go to improve Wolverine on the big screen despite Jackman's brilliant performances over the years.


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