Why The Flash Movie Costume Looks So Bad

Warning! This post contains SPOILERS for The Flash.
Despite its comic book accuracy, Barry Allen's superhero suit looks off in The Flash. Superhero costumes are tricky to adapt to live-action, as they have to find a balance between practicality, accuracy, and realism. Grounded characters like Batman make it easier for artists and costume designers to experiment with different ideas, but more extravagant characters like the Flash require a more careful approach given their outlandish nature.
Ezra Miller's Flash debuted his first costume in Justice League. Its hard plates and irregular pattern reflected how makeshift it was, which aligned perfectly with Barry Allen's brief experience as a superhero. But while realistic, the Flash's first suit didn't show his full potential, as speedsters need the sleekiest superhero costumes they can get in order to get the most out of their super speed abilities. Barry Allen's upgraded suit in The Flash takes a step in the right direction, but certain creative choices make it look worse than it really is.


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