The DCU"s First Horror Movie Proves The Reboot Is Avoiding WB"s Tim Burton Nightmare

While the DCEU may have been uneven, the decision to have Swamp Thing go into the horror genre proves that James Gunn's DC Universe is avoiding Warner Bros.' past mistakes after Tim Burton's Batman movies. One of the big surprises that were revealed by DC Studios earlier this year was a new Swamp Thing reboot, with James Mangold officially tapped to direct and write it. While Swamp Thing had his own show only a few years ago on the DC Universe app (now known as DC Universe Infinite), this will be the character's third cinematic portrayal since 1982 and 1989, respectively.
Even though Swamp Thing isn't planned to start filming any time soon, the film will be happening at some point in Chapter 1, "Gods and Monsters." While there is no attached cast or release date as of yet, Mangold has spoken about wanting to structure the reboot as a Gothic horror movie within the DC Universe. The word "standalone" was also a key term in Mangold's recent comments, which raises a lot of intrigue about Swamp Thing and how the DC Universe is already taking the right approach with their new projects.


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