Every Major Lex Luthor Reveal From Superman & Lois Season 3 Episode 12

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Superman and Lois season 3, episode 12, "Injustice."The penultimate episode of Superman and Lois season 3 reveals many things about Lex Luthor. The Man of Steel's greatest enemy has been a shadowy presence throughout the early seasons of Superman and Lois, frequently referenced but never shown. That changed with the release of the episode "Injustice," which marked the first appearance of Lex Luthor in the flesh.
Played by writer/director Michael Cudlitz (Abraham on AMC's The Walking Dead), this Luthor is a physically intimidating figure. While the comic book Luthor engages in regular exercise and combat training, he is best known for his intellectual pursuits and scientific endeavors. Most of the live-action adaptations of the Superman comics tend to emphasize this element of Luthor's personality, marking Cudlitz's more brutal take on the character as historically notable. This version of Lex Luthor was further distinguished over the course of Superman and Lois season 3, episode 12, "Injustice," through a series of flashbacks outlining his past and personality.


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