Star Wars" 10 Most Dangerous Sith Powers In Canon & Legends

The Dark Lords of the Sith are the Star Wars franchise’s main antagonists, possessing many deadly dark side abilities in both the canon and Legends continuities. Although the first Dark Lords were former Jedi, the Sith Order is fundamentally different, forming its own culture and code separate from the Jedi Order’s. While the Jedi strive for balance in the Force by not using the dark side, the Sith are defined by their use of its corrupting power, granting them lethal and unnatural abilities that make them the most dangerous enemies of the Jedi Order and the galaxy itself.
There are various interpretations of the Force among Star Wars viewers and creators, but its depiction in the original and prequel trilogies is that of a balanced, fundamental energy field that connects all life in the galaxy. The dark side interrupts this balance, corrupting nature and promising sapient beings unlimited power, but only granting them destruction and suffering in the end. The Sith Lords are the galaxy’s most powerful dark side practitioners in both Star Wars continuities, with famous abilities like Force lightning and Force choke becoming their signature powers. Of all the known Sith abilities in canon and Legends, however, these are the 10 most dangerous.


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