Subtle Marvel Change Messes With Agents Of SHIELD"s MCU Canon Status Again

Whether Agents of SHIELD is canon to the Marvel Cinematic Universe once again comes into question thanks to Marvel addressing Nick Fury's adventures. Before the current era of Marvel Studios shows, there was the Marvel TV series that aired on ABC, Hulu, Freeform, and Netflix. One of them was Agents of SHIELD, the longest-running Marvel TV show in the company's history, which centered on Phil Coulson and his team while having connections to the MCU films. But over the last few years, there have been a lot of debate as to whether or not the ABC show actually is canon to the MCU.
As if the debate wasn't complicated enough, the official Marvel website may have complicated this topic once again. With the Secret Invasion series premiere, Marvel has published a full biography of Fury and what he has been up to within the MCU ever since his introduction in 2008's Iron Man. However, one of the paragraphs directly addresses a major Agents of SHIELD storyline that Fury was involved with, as they list the war against John Garrett and how Samuel L. Jackson's character worked together with Coulson to stop him, sharing the following:
Within his own organization, when John Garrett, a promising protégé of Fury’s, is uncovered as a longtime Hydra operative, S.H.I.E.L.D.’s director steps in to lend a personal hand to Phil Coulson in taking Garrett down permanently.


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