Trigon"s Ending Makes Titans" Weirdest Villain Problem Even Worse

Warning: The following contains SPOILERS for Titans' series finale.Trigon became the latest villain to fall prey to a problem that Titans seems to have with big-name villains, including Lex Luthor and Joker. The demon lord who sired Raven has not been treated well by the HBO Max superhero series, with his planned grand premiere in the Titans season 1 finale being delayed into an anticlimactic appearance in Titans' season 2 opener. It was hoped that Trigon might finally be done justice in Titans season 4, but that did not come to pass.
The story of Titans season 4 seemed to be building up to the grand return of Trigon, as the Titans fought against the Church of Blood and Mother Mayhem. Unlike the Organization from Titans season 1, the Church of Blood believed that a game designer named Sebastian Sanger was meant to be the emissary of Trigon rather than Rachel "Raven" Roth. Despite the Titans' best efforts to either distance Sebastian from the Church or kill him before he became a threat, Sebastian ultimately embraced his destiny as Brother Blood and performed the ritual to bring Trigon to Earth.


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