Titans Season 5 Would"ve Added A Classic Teen Titans Character Says Showrunner

DISCLAIMER: This interview was conducted on Monday, May 1.Had Titans season 5 appeared, there were plans for various iconic Teen Titans members and villains to appear, says the showrunner. Titans season 4 has officially brought a conclusion to the series as the final war against Brother Blood came to an end. The series finale allowed the Titans characters to not only save the world once again but also give them their own respective happy endings. While Titans ending is bittersweet, many will always wonder what could have happened if the show had been renewed for season 5.
In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, the Titans showrunner opened up a bit about what they were thinking about doing for a potential season 5. While the HBO Max drama had already introduced various Teen Titans villains and heroes, Walker had ideas for more characters to pull in from the comics. Among the heroes he wanted to introduce was Roy Harper, who had been name-dropped several times, as he shared the following:
Because you guys had already introduced so many Teen Titans members from the comics, were there any members that you guys would ideally have tried to get in there like Wally West or Roy Harper, that you guys just kept teasing us with? [laughs]
Greg Walker: Roy Harper, I really wanted to bring Roy and we talked about that a lot. There was always the possibility of doing that. But we hadn't started the negotiations, meaning we hadn't asked if we could use him. But that was a conversation.
DC fans would murder me if I didn't at least try to ask - were there any villains that you were floating around with for season 5? Maybe the Fearsome Five, for example?
Greg Walker: The Fearsome Five got mentioned and Tara got mentioned. We were playing around with some ideas there, we knew there would be a limiting factor. The Bat-Family in that world was off limits pretty much at that point, so we had to continue to mind from within the Titans world. There were still options to go for, but they were going to require us to really figure out how to do that intelligently. Of course, we would try that but there's some constraints like Tara's, powers for VFX are intense. We started to look at 'How can we work around that without making a disappointing experience for the fans?'


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