How Titans" Series Finale Pulled Off That Major DC Cameo Explained By The Showrunner

Disclaimer: This interview was conducted on Monday, May 1
Following that major DC Comics cameo in the Titans series finale, showrunner Greg Walker breaks down how they made it happen. With a new DC Universe on its way, several ongoing DC properties have been coming to an end and this week, it was Titans' turn as season 4 concluded the series for good. The Titans series finale saw the heroes properly reunite as they took down Brother Blood once and for all. The heroes all went off in their own directions, and one of them, in particular, finally got to cross paths with a certain Man of Steel.
In an exclusive interview with Screen Rant, the Titans showrunner broke down how the series finale was able to work in the Superman cameo, as it brought closure to Superboy's storyline. According to Walker, it wasn't too hard to get DC to agree to the Man of Tomorrow to show up for a brief moment in Titans' final episode. Walker also talked about how thrilling it was for the actor to finally have that moment with the DC icon, sharing the following:
How hard did you have to fight for that Superman cameo at the end? Was it like, 'We need to negotiate with DC for 1/3 of the cape and just a boot shot?' [laughs]
Greg Walker: They were great because, again, we were a little bit of in the vacuum there. We were in a little bit of the beg-for-forgiveness rather than ask permission-mode. But we went through Geoff, and then we went through the DC people who are in charge of the day-to-day management of the show. They were excited about the idea of definitely excited about us playing with that and playing with those symbols. Because we weren't showing an actor, we weren't showing a specific person who's playing him. We were able to sneak that in, and of course, Joshua [Orpin, who plays Superboy] is really into doing it as well. So we got that, and then we got that final little joyous moment of him at the end.


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