Batgirl Extra Suing WB For On-Set Motorcycle Accident Filming Scrapped DC Movie

  • A Batgirl movie extra is suing Warner Bros. for an on-set motorcycle accident, detailing her gruesome injuries and lengthy recovery process.
  • Warner Bros. has not responded to the lawsuit filing, and the amount of compensation sought by the extra is unknown.
  • The accident further damages the reputation of the cancelled Batgirl movie, which was shelved due to the studio's cost-cutting measures after a merger and massive debt.
With the movie already holding an infamous history in its cancellation, an extra from the Batgirl movie is now suing Warner Bros. for an on-set motorcycle accident. Helmed by Bad Boys for Life duo Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah, the movie was set in the DC Extended Universe and would've explored Barbara Gordon as she looks to help fight crime in Gotham by becoming the titular heroine, beginning with stopping arsonist Firefly. Led by DCEU newcomers Leslie Grace and Brendan Fraser and the returns of J.K. Simmons as Jim Gordon and Michael Keaton as Bruce Wayne, the movie was infamously shelved in August 2022 following the Warner Bros.-Discovery merger.
Over a year after the movie was shelved, The Sun has brought word that a Batgirl extra is aiming to sue WB for an on-set motorcycle accident filming the scrapped DC project. Cristina Stanovici shared the gruesome details of both her injuries during the shoot, including being left for nearly an hour without proper medical help, and the lengthy healing process that took three days in the ICU and 17 months, in which she still feels the pain from the metal rod in her leg. At the time of writing, WB has not responded to Stanovici's lawsuit filing, nor is the amount of compensation she is calling for known. See what Stanovici said below:
To hear the anesthesiologist say ‘we had our fingers crossed for you’ really sends a chill down your spine. The surgeon told me it was one of the worst cases he has seen in his eight years at the hospital. They had a motorcycle with cameras on top of it that was filming. It hit me from the right side and I went flying in the air. I started screaming to get the attention of the paramedics as I remembered seeing an ambulance on site in the previous days. I lay there for almost an hour while they checked me and stabilized me. Unfortunately, I didn’t lose my consciousness. The memory will forever traumatize me. I broke a lot of bones. My femur, my tibia plateau, my pubic bone, a lot of non-displaced fractures in the pelvis, a broken thumb, and laceration to the head. They did the femur surgery after approximately 10 hours. It lasted more than five hours, I had five blood transfusions and I almost died. I have a rod in my femur that goes from hip to knee. I was supposed to have two incisions, top and bottom but due to severe swelling they had to cut my whole leg to relieve the pressure. I went through what I hope to be the hardest times of my life alone. Even after 17 months, my leg still hurts and is weak. Not to mention it’s deformed, which adds to my trauma. This leg will need another one or two surgeries, but it will never be the same again. The recovery was and is horrendous. I am still in pain every single day, every single step. People might think it’s just a broken leg. No. It’s a tragedy, your body is wrecked and your mind follows. Many people, including me, who go through this think it would have been easier if they had died. I think conditions should be improved on movie sets. Especially now because Glasgow is chosen more and more as a city to film in, and obviously they use extras from Glasgow. They should be thinking about them. I went there to have some fun, to see how it is, what making a movie involves. And look what happened.
The Batgirl Accident Further Dampens The DC Movie's Reputation While it's unclear how much in damages Stanovici is looking to get from WB, the chances of her lawsuit against the studio seem even more difficult to determine. One of the many reasons the studio was said to have shelved Batgirl in the first place was new CEO David Zaslav looking to make up the massive debt he inherited from the merger, which was said to be somewhere between $47-50 billion. A report released in October 2022 indicated that WBD saved upwards of $2 billion in tax write-offs, seemingly cementing their faith in shelving the movie in the first place, despite both industry and audience backlash.


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