New Batman Art Imagines The Dark Knight In Superman"s 2023 TV Series

  • My Adventures with Superman fan art imagines Batman in the animated series' style.
  • The fan art showcases Batman with his classic long ears and looks great alongside Superman.
  • Season 1 of the show hinted at major threats like General Zod and Brainiac playing a role in season 2.
My Adventures with Superman fan art brings Batman to the animated series' world, which still has to happen in the new Superman show's DC Universe. My Adventures with Superman season 1 recently concluded, presenting fans with a new take on Clark Kent, Lois Lane, Jimmy Olsen, and more famous DC characters. While the show had only one hero, Superman, My Adventures with Superman season 1's ending set up major threats that could lead to Clark getting some help.
On Instagram, artist @jscomicart shared their take on what Batman could look like in the My Adventures with Superman animated style.
The fan art gives Batman his long ears from the character's DC Comics debut in 1939. Batman looks extremely well-suited for the series next to Jack Quaid's Superman. The stunning fan art will make the fans who put Batman appearing in the series as part of their My Adventures with Superman season 2 predictions happy, though reality might play out differently.


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