10 X-Men Movie Scenes That Divided Fans The Most

  • The historical montage in X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a scene that divides opinions, with some considering it the best scene of the film while others find it a tedious and pointless tease.
  • The decision to make Pyro an X-Men defector in X2 is seen as an improvement by some, offering the character more depth, while others view it as a pointless detour from his role.
  • New Mutants' teen drama aspect divided fans, with some hating it and others appreciating its exploration of the social dynamics of the team's teenage characters.
Throughout the history of the X-Men movies, there have been many scenes that have divided opinion on the franchise’s quality, comic accuracy, and general ability to bring the Marvel source material to life. Across the span of the franchise, Fox's series of X-Men movies has seen a great number of ups and downs, with one or two well-received and well-loved entries and a handful of others that critics and audiences alike despised, it's clear that the franchise as a whole is somewhat divisive. However, this divide of opinion actually goes even deeper, as there are even specific scenes that fans simply can't agree on.
Many of the franchise's most divisive scenes explore ideas that contradict popular stories or character arcs from the comics, and others simply offer seemingly needless or disparate plot points that feel out of place. However, there are also those who see these scenes as the movies taking artistic license with the source material, using it to tell new and different stories rather than direct adaptations. Though it's ultimately a matter of opinion, the scenes in question continue to fuel discourse about the movies and the franchise as a whole. Here are the 10 X-Men movie scenes that divided those fans the most.
Your browser does not support the video tag. 10 The Historical Montage (X-Men Origins: Wolverine) One of the harsh realities of rewatching Fox's X-Men movies is that despite Wolverine being arguably the franchise's best character, his first solo movie is largely awful. However, one of X-Men Origins: Wolverine's opening scenes divides opinions. The scene in question depicts Wolverine and Sabretooth fighting side-by-side in multiple wars across history in a montage of brotherly bloodshed. While many considered it by far the best scene of the film and perhaps one of its most interesting aspects, others found it a tedious and pointless tease of a story that had very little to do with the movie itself.
9 Making Pyro An X-Men Defector (X2) Of the many mutants in X2, Pyro was one of the most notable additions to the cast. The film gave Pyro a slightly different backstory from that of the comics: instead of being a member of the Brotherhood of Mutants, he started out as one of Xavier's students. The film then sees him turn on the X-Men and join Magneto's anti-human faction. Some consider the backstory to be an improvement, as it offered Pyro a little more depth. Others felt it was a pointless detour from the character's role, particularly as it ultimately meant nothing once he joined Magneto.
8 New Mutants’ Teen Drama (New Mutants) Though intended as a new direction for the franchise, New Mutants failed to impress, but it also still offered up a fair amount of divisiveness. The film contains multiple scenes that shift the focus away from more traditional superhero action and examine the social dynamic of its teenage characters. Some hated this teen drama aspect of the film, but others felt it tapped into the social aspect of the team's stories that had been missing from previous X-Men movies. New Mutants was ultimately a failure either way, but its new approach was certainly controversial.
7 Jubilee’s Introduction (X-Men: Apocalypse) The cast of X-Men: Apocalypse saw the introduction of multiple new heroes to the team, including Lana Condor's Jubilee. Most of the character's scenes were ultimately cut, causing her remaining moments in the film to be somewhat divisive. X-Men: Apocalypse's Jubilee dons the same classic costume she wore in X-Men: The Animated Series, but given how briefly she appears, many dismissed the scene as needless fan service and a waste of a good character. However, others simply appreciated Jubilee's inclusion and construed the scene as a tease that she would play a larger role in future movies.
6 Professor X’s Substance Abuse Issues (X-Men: Days Of Future Past) X-Men: Days of Future Past is perhaps the franchise's most divisive film, but one particular scene stands out as the most contentious among fans. Upon arriving at the X-Mansion in 1973, Wolverine meets young Charles Xavier, who, sometime after the events of X-Men: First Class, has developed a substance abuse habit. Xavier is shown heavily consuming both alcohol and a serum that suppresses his powers but allows him to walk. The subplot divided fans, though: some felt it was an interesting development that added depth to the character, and others considered it nothing more than a needlessly dark distraction from the film's actual narrative.


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