1 Star Wars Easter Egg Shows Star Trek"s Enterprise on Coruscant

A Star Wars Easter egg has revealed the existence of Star Trek's starship Enterprise on Coruscant. Star Wars and Star Trek are two of the biggest science fiction franchises in history, and often the subject of fan debates over which is better. While the story “A Death Star is Born,” appearing in 2002’s Star Wars Tales #4 does not offer any kind of conclusive answer, it does feature a number of nifty Easter eggs–including a smattering of starships from across pop culture.
Star Trek premiered in 1966 and Star Wars; A New Hope arrived in theaters 11 years later–and instigated a long-running pop culture debate: which is better? This debate is likely to never be settled, but the two franchises have inspired each other over the years. Throughout the 1970s, Paramount Pictures tried numerous times to revive Star Trek; later in the decade, the company nearly created a new television show, titled Star Trek: Phase II. However, after Star Wars: A New Hope proved to be a massive success in theaters, Paramount changed course and instead created Star Trek: The Motion Picture. While the film did not do Star Wars-level numbers at the box office, it ultimately did revive the franchise, inspiring numerous sequels and new shows. Star Trek started on television and grew to movies; Star Wars is now taking the opposite path, with a string of high-quality shows. The two franchises feed off each other–and one Star Wars story pays tribute to Trek.


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