Geordi’s Eyes Upgrade Fixes A Star Trek Generations Mistake

Geordi La Forge (LeVar Burton) received new bionic eyes in Star Trek: First Contact, which ensured the tragedy that occurred in Star Trek Generations would never repeat itself. Star Trek: The Next Generation's Chief Engineer played a pivotal role in Star Trek Generations, but not necessarily in a positive way through no fault of his own. Geordi was victimized by the Klingon Duras sisters, Lursa (Barbara March) and B'Etor (Gwynyth Walsh), and the villainous Dr. Tolan Soran (Malcolm McDowell), which led to the demise of the USS Enterprise-D.
Star Trek Generations saw Lt. Commander Geordi La Forge kidnapped by Soran and the Klingon sisters. Soran's master plan was to destroy the Veridian star, which would divert the course of the extra-dimensional energy ribbon called the Nexus to Veridian III. There, Soran would be waiting and intended to fulfill his desire to return to the artificial reality of the Nexus. However, the presence of the USS Enterprise was a problem for Soran, but Lursa and B'Etor concocted a diabolical scheme to eliminate the Galaxy Class starship by using its blind Chief Engineer and his VISOR against it.


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