Star Wars Is A Galaxy Where Every Conspiracy Theory Is Right

  • Star Wars is a franchise that embodies conspiracy theories, with its interconnected and convoluted plots involving secrets and cover-ups.
  • Characters like Palpatine and the Skywalker family play into conspiracy theories, with Palpatine orchestrating events and the Skywalker's hidden relationships causing speculation.
  • Ahsoka and Thrawn's stories in Star Wars further add to the conspiracy theory elements, rewriting history and revealing hidden secrets, while characters like Senator Xiono become subjects of speculation themselves.
Conspiracy theories are often completely unlikely and convoluted in our world, but in Star Wars they seem to be reality. The nature of the Star Wars franchise means that it is interconnected, and written out of order. This has led it to have some seriously convoluted plots of its own. Secrets, cover-ups, behind-the-scenes orchestration, you can find it all in Star Wars. There are so many connections to be made - and many of them perfectly fit what would, in the real world, be called a conspiracy theory.
Conspiracy theories typically assert that events have been orchestrated by a powerful group or even an individual, usually to their own advantage. Popular conspiracy theories suggest deaths have been faked, superweapons have secretly been constructed, illegal experiments are being carried out by governments across the world, and the like. A conspiracy theorist sees a pattern in events, drawing all these threads together into a unified whole. Star Wars, however, is a galaxy where every conspiracy theorist would be proven right - because so many outlandish events really have been orchestrated by powerful beings, and there really are family secrets on a galactic scale.
Your browser does not support the video tag. Palpatine Has Always Been The Ultimate Conspiracy Theory Palpatiine is, of course, the ultimate one-man conspiracy. A well-known political leader, many of whom are already frequently believed to be part of conspiracies, is secretly orchestrating events across the entire galaxy. Sheev Palpatine secretly pulled the strings of the Trade Federation in Star Wars: Episode I - The Phantom Menace, secretly led both sides during the Clone Wars, and ensured the entire galaxy didn't learn his true nature until after his death. He's the bogeyman ever conspiracy theorist would love to write about.
Palpatine's plan throughout the entire Star Wars prequel trilogy is one giant conspiracy to bring down the Republic. Fast-forward to the sequels, and his resurrection is the stuff of conspiracy; "Somehow, Palpatine returned" wasn't even explained in the movie, meaning there will be countless theories across the galaxy how he survived. The idea a dead political leader has been secretly cloned and rules galactic powers through proxies is the ultimate conspiracy.


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