10 Iconic DC Comics Storylines The DC Universe Cannot Use

Despite having published some of the best superhero storylines of all time, there are some DC Comics that cannot be adapted for the new DC Universe. In some cases this is due to there being some stories that just wouldn't work in a film aimed at general audiences. In others, the comics have already been mined for other adaptations (such as the DC Animated Universe) and might seem derivative in live action.
DC Studios stands ready to start a new cinematic multiverse, with James Gunn and Peter Safran at the helm. The two co-CEOs have confirmed ten projects, collectively known as Chapter One: Gods and Monsters, which will lay the groundwork for a new shared DC Universe. DC Studios will also produce films set outside the main universe, such as the upcoming Joker sequel and The Batman - Part II. Gunn has teased the possibility of more Elseworlds films to come, but even then there are some storylines that are unlikely to receive a cinematic adaptation in the near future.


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