10 DC Movies To Watch Before The Flash

The Flash will bring together elements from the former DCEU, the new-look DCU, and other DC properties from decades past, meaning many former movies can be seen as essential viewing for the 2023 film. Given that Ezra Miller's Barry Allen has been an integral character of the DCEU thus far, his journey will only continue from prior appearances. However, James Gunn confirmed in January 2023 that The Flash will act as a bridge between the DCEU and his new plan for the newly-titled DCU.
As a result, The Flash is confirmed to include many elements from the DCEU's past and foreshadowing for what James Gunn and Peter Safran have planned for DC Studios' future. Furthermore, the trailers for the film have confirmed that The Flash will delve even deeper into DC's past by including Michael Keaton's Batman. With all that said, here is every film that is important to revisit before viewing The Flash ahead of its June 2023 release.


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