Did Geordi Fix Picard Season 3 Finale’s Starfleet Mistake?

Commodore Geordi LaForge (LeVar Burton) spoke out against the idea of Fleet Formation in Star Trek: Picard season 3, but did Starfleet enlist him to correct their mistake? The climax of Picard season 3 took place during the Frontier Day celebration where Starfleet had planned to demonstrate their new Fleet Formation technique. Allowing the entire Fleet to move as one, Fleet Formation placed control of all ships under one computer that could not be overridden by the crews of the individual ships. It's unclear why anyone at Starfleet thought this would be a good idea.
Not only is the concept of Fleet Formation eerily similar to the Borg Collective, but there have also been many examples throughout every Star Trek series where a rogue computer system malfunctioned. Considering Geordi's experiences on the USS Enterprise-D, it makes sense that he would object to the idea of Fleet Formation. It also makes sense that he could be the one called in to fix the problems with it. As Chief Engineer of the Enterprise, Geordi often used his ingenuity and engineering knowledge to find innovative solutions to problems. He seems to be the one most qualified to either fix the issues with Fleet Formation or convince the higher-ups at Starfleet to drop the idea altogether.
Did Geordi Fix Picard Season 3’s Fleet Formation Mistake? While there are situations where a Fleet Formation system would be an advantage, it removes the ability for Starfleet officers to work together and come up with creative solutions on the fly. The whole idea seems ill-advised considering the greatest Captains often make risky and unorthodox decisions at the last minute, and computers have been shown to fail time and again. Geordi LaForge not only objected to the idea of integrated ships, but he also tried to convince Starfleet not to put all of the ships of the Fleet in the same place at the same time. Seeing as he was correct on both counts, Starfleet should realize that Geordi would be the most logical person to bring in to correct their mistakes.


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