The Batman 2: 5 Ways Bruce Wayne Can Fight Crime Better Than Batman

The Batman – Part II will continue exploring the story of Robert Pattinson’s Batman in a Gotham City that was almost destroyed at the end of The Batman, and this gives The Batman 2 the chance to show how Bruce Wayne can fight crime better than Batman does. After Ben Affleck’s Batman failed to connect with the audience during his time in the DCEU, Warner Bros. decided to bring another version of the Caped Crusader to the big screen in a separate universe in Matt Reeves’ The Batman. Unlike most of the previous adaptations of Batman, The Batman doesn’t explore the Dark Knight’s origin story, but it does follow a younger Bruce Wayne in his second year of fighting crime in the streets of Gotham City.
The Batman saw the title character teaming up with James Gordon and the Gotham City Police Department to catch a serial killer known as The Riddler, and this took Batman into Gotham’s criminal underworld, where he met Carmine Falcone, Oswald Cobblepot a.k.a. Penguin, and Selina Kyle, the latter becoming his ally. However, arresting The Riddler wasn’t the end of their problems as he had everything carefully planned so his followers would carry on with his plans to destroy Gotham even if he was caught, so he planted car bombs around Gotham that would destroy the seawall around the city and flood it. The Batman made Bruce realize that Gotham needs more than a symbol of fear to improve as a city, and after the flood, The Batman 2 can show how Bruce Wayne can fight crime better than Batman – and here are five ways in which he can do so.


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