Ben Affleck"s Scrapped Superman Role Would"ve Been Worse Than His Batman

Ben Affleck almost played Superman, and his scrapped role would have been worse than his Batman. Affleck was cast as Batman by Zack Snyder, with the actor appearing in a number of DCEU movies. He debuted as the Dark Knight in the controversial Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, going on to claim he was hanging up the cape and cowl after having such a bad experience during the Justice League movie's reshoots under director Joss Whedon. That, allied with some personal issues, led to Affleck's solo Batman film getting scrapped.
Affleck's solo Batman film was not the only DC movie for the actor that didn't materialize. Kevin Smith wanted Affleck to star in Superman Lives. Smith and Affleck are longtime collaborators, with the Batman actor appearing in six of Smith's movies. According to Smith, he was writing the script for Superman Lives with Affleck in mind. If that had come to pass, it is likely that Affleck would never have become the DCEU's Batman, which would have been worse for the actor.
Ben Affleck Was The Wrong Choice For Superman While Affleck donned a homemade Superman costume in Hollywoodland to portray George Reeves, the first live-action Superman actor on TV, Affleck would not have been the best choice to play the hero in Superman Lives. Affleck is a very talented actor; however, his abilities are better suited for darker characters, which did not only start when he was cast as Batman. Movies like The Town and Gone Girl show how Affleck excels when playing morally questionable characters or people who are not afraid of getting their hands dirty. Superman is all about hope and kindness, existing on the opposite spectrum of Affleck's Batman.
Ben Affleck Was A Good Batman (The Problems Weren't His Fault) Affleck's tenure as Batman in the DCEU started with the actor's casting as the hero being heavily criticized. When Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice premiered, and Affleck's Dark Knight was arguably the best aspect of the controversial film, the discourse started to change. Affleck showed the promise to be the best version of Batman on the big screen, but sadly, that potential was never met. Affleck's Batman was a victim of DC's management not knowing what to do with the DCEU.


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