Ezra Miller Becomes The Flash Villain Reverse-Flash In Chilling DC Fan Art

Ezra Miller, who plays Barry Allen, becomes The Flash villain Reverse-Flash in new chilling DC fan art. After having their solo film in development hell since 2014, Miller's The Flash movie is officially opening up in theaters in less than a month as the actor returns to the DCEU. Loosely based on Flashpoint, The Flash film will explore Barry tackling the multiverse after trying to rewrite history to undo his mother being brutally murdered during his childhood.
As there have been several The Flash movie trailers previewing what is coming up for the film, there are still some mysteries left unanswered about the DCEU installment, including whether or not Barry's famous foe, Reverse-Flash, is in it. To get an idea of what the Reverse-Flash could look like in the DCEU, digital artist Clements Ink did a rendition of Miller as the iconic speedster foe.
Eobard Thawne, who is essentially what the Joker is to Batman for The Flash, has been heavily featured in live-action through The Flash TV show. For most of the character's run in the Arrowverse, Tom Cavanagh played him while using Harrison Wells as a disguise, as Matt Letscher portrayed the original Eobard. But in the DCEU, the character hasn't been properly revealed to this point.


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