What"s Going On With The Fantastic Four Cast?

Rumors about who will play the leads in Marvel’s Fantastic Four reboot are in full force as the film’s release gets closer. With WandaVision showrunner Matt Shakman confirmed to direct and a slated 2025 premiere, it’s about time that Marvel casts their final choices for Reed Richards, Sue Storm, Johnny Storm, and Ben Grimm. Anticipation has been high for the casting announcement of the MCU’s Fantastic Four ever since the Fantastic Four reboot was confirmed, and a plethora of rumored names have been circulating since then.
Following four characters who got superpowers after cosmic ray exposure in a space mission gone wrong, the Fantastic Four are some of Marvel’s most popular heroes. While the Fantastic Four will be making their MCU debut, they are no strangers to the big screen. There have been two released film adaptations and one sequel made about the team, though all received mixed to negative reviews. The 2025 Fantastic Four movie will be the MCU’s first official try at adapting the team since Marvel regained the rights to the characters from 21st Century Fox.


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