1 Unused Concept Would Have Made Return Of The Jedi The Best Star Wars Movie

An unused concept for Return of the Jedi would have established it as the best film in the original Star Wars trilogy. Since the release of Episode VI in 1983, Star Wars fans have agreed that the film was a satisfying conclusion to the original trilogy. While there are certainly fans who hold Return of the Jedi as unbeatable at the top of their Star Wars rankings, it is often a more popular opinion that both A New Hope and The Empire Strikes Back are superior to their successor, no matter how good Lucas' final original trilogy film may be.
That being said, one concept that was intended for Return of the Jedi may have changed this outlook. While writing the third film in the trilogy, Lucas came up with many interesting ideas that served as a proper conclusion to the two films before it - five when counting the later prequel trilogy. One of the best concepts, however, was sadly not used in the final film for budgetary reasons. If it was, Return of the Jedi would be extremely difficult to ignore as the best film in the original Star Wars trilogy.
Return Of The Jedi’s Ewok Subplot Makes It The Weakest Original Trilogy Film The unused concept in question was Lucas' intention to have Wookiees inhabit the moon of Endor, something that was eventually changed to the Ewoks. While the Ewoks are not nearly as terrible as many Star Wars fans tend to insist, there is no denying that this subplot slows the pace of Return of the Jedi considerably. The Ewoks being used as main combatants against the supposedly dreaded Imperial army, unfortunately, made the film feel much more childlike and light-hearted.


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