10 Lesser-Known Spider-Man Villains We Want To See Tom Holland"s Peter Parker Fight

In spite of Tom Holland’s Peter Parker already clashing with most of Spider-Man’s biggest villains, Marvel has no shortage of characters it can use in his MCU future. Despite appearing in only three solo movies, Tom Holland’s take on the iconic web slinger has already clashed with a substantial chunk of the comic book character’s rogues’ gallery. However, that shouldn’t make it difficult for the MCU to find new foes for Peter to fight.
Thanks in large part to the multiverse shenanigans that took place in Spider-Man: No Way Home, the MCU has scratched several names off the list of villains Holland’s character needs to fight. In addition to beating his own villains in Homecoming and Far from Home, Peter came to blows with almost every villain from the last two Spider-Man movie franchises. For that reason, Marvel may actually run out of A-list Spider-Man villains to introduce. But even if that happens, it’ll still have plenty of available options. They may not have the same level of name recognition as the Green Goblin or even Sandman, but there are several other lesser-known villains capable of delivering exciting live-action stories.


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