A Confusing WandaVision Ending Scene Is Even Worse Now

A confusing WandaVision ending scene managed to become even worse now. 2021's WandaVision was the Marvel Cinematic Universe's first series on Disney+, with the series proving itself a resounding success and showing how Disney+ could be an important tool for the MCU's expansion. The show focused on two characters who had only served in supporting roles in the MCU so far, elevating Paul Bettany's Vision and transforming Elizabeth Olsen's Scarlet Witch into one of the MCU's most beloved characters.WandaVision's plot saw the Scarlet Witch take over the small town of Westview, reshaping its reality to resemble that of different decades of sitcoms, all due to her grief over Vision's death. Wanda lived a quaint suburban life with Vision and their twins — Tommy and Billy. While things were perfect in Wanda's eyes, she was actually enslaving the citizens of the town to play roles in her sitcom reality. WandaVision's ending featured a controversial scene surrounding Wanda's reshaping of Westview and its population, and that polarizing moment has only gotten worse since.
Monica Rambeau's Defense Of Scarlet Witch In WandaVision Made Little Sense During WandaVision's finale, Monica Rambeau delivered a surprising line when she said to Wanda,"They will never know what you sacrificed." Made in reference to the people of Westview, Monica was praising Wanda for giving up her fantasy and letting the townsfolk go. In light of what happened, Monica's defense of the Scarlet Witch made little sense. It's true that Wanda's conscience won out in the end, but it shouldn't be forgotten that she was responsible for their predicaments in the first place. Scarlet Witch willfully imprisoned them there, yet Monica let her go, even going as far as to suggest that she had performed a heroic deed.
Monica Rambeau's Comments Have Aged Even Worse Since WandaVision Monica's words will likely come back to haunt her, considering that the Scarlet Witch didn't stop after the Westview incident and transformed into a full-fledged villain after the events of the series. Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness proved that Wanda torturing the residents of Westview by making them act against their will inside her Hex wasn't just a moment of weakness for her character. Had it been just that, Monica attempting to overlook what Wanda did might feel understandable in hindsight, but all the havoc the Scarlet Witch would go on to wreak in Doctor Strange 2 makes it abundantly clear that WandaVision's story was just a precursor to something far worse.


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