James Gunn"s Superman: Legacy Will Set Up Another Major DC Universe Movie

The Authority movie cast may be coming to the DC Universe a lot sooner than expected as Superman: Legacy is reportedly doing some groundwork for the team's solo film. One of the big Chapter 1 projects that DC Studios is currently working on is Superman: Legacy, which is in the midst of looking for their new Superman, along with other iconic characters from Clark Kent's lore. The film is currently eying to start filming in 2024 in order to meet its 2025 release date. While Superman: Legacy will be a new take on the DC icon, the reboot might serve as a vehicle for several more superheroes in the DC Universe.
According to THR, The Authority, which has a solo film lined up in Chapter 1, Gods and Monsters, are reportedly going to be introduced in the Superman reboot. Per the trade, members of the group will be cast after the studio gets through their casting shortlist of Clark and Lois Lane for Superman: Legacy. It's unclear if The Authority will have major or supporting roles, as DC Studios has yet to comment on the report at the time of publication.


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