James Gunn Might Continue A Major Superman Change Snyder Made With Cavill

The search for the DC Universe’s Superman continues, and according to some reports, it all points to James Gunn possibly continuing a major Superman change in Superman: Legacy that began when Zack Snyder cast Henry Cavill. Superman was the hero that kicked off the DCEU, but unfortunately, this universe didn’t give him a consistent story after his debut in Man of Steel. After Man of Steel 2 was announced to be in development, these plans changed with the introduction of the DC Universe, which will have a younger version of Superman, thus leaving Henry Cavill’s version out of this new branch.
The DC Universe’s “Gods and Monsters” chapter will begin in 2025 with Superman: Legacy, which will follow a young version of the man of steel during his days as a reporter. Superman: Legacy will focus on Superman’s journey to reconcile his Kryptonian heritage with his human family in Kansas, so it will be a more personal story. Superman: Legacy is scheduled for a July 11, 2025, release, and the search for its lead actor has begun – and based on various casting reports, James Gunn seems to be continuing a Superman change that started with Zack Snyder: casting a British actor as Clark Kent.


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