10 Superhero Movie Franchises That Fell Apart With The 3rd Movie

Both Marvel and DC Comics have inspired some amazing superhero movies, yet many of these film franchises were ruined by their third films. It may seem astonishing that superhero movies were once seen risky ventures, given how they have grown to dominate the Hollywood landscape. Yet there were also considerable profits to be made in adapting a popular property into a movie in those days, even ignoring the potential for marketing toys, t-shirts and other merchandise to kids and collectors.
It was this desire for a continuing source of regular revenue that led to the production of the first superhero franchises, yet the number of franchises that survived past their third film and maintained a consistent level of quality is quite small. Sometimes the franchises failed due to a change in direction or the cast. On other occasions, it was due to a reduced budget or studio interference. In every case, the law of diminishing returns kicked in to ensure that nothing good lasts forever.


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