20 Times Star Wars Has Crossed Over With Indiana Jones

Lucasfilm's Star Wars and Indiana Jones franchises feature multiple references to each other. Going beyond the obvious fact that they both share a leading actor with Harrison Ford who plays both Han Solo and Dr. Henry "Indiana" Jones Jr., there's a plethora of Easter eggs and references to be found across a wide variety of movies and shows. While the majority can be found in the much larger Star Wars continuity, Indiana Jones still has its own references to the galaxy far, far away that are quite entertaining as well.
Because the first few Indiana Jones movies were developed by George Lucas and Steven Spielberg concurrently with Lucas' original trilogy of Star Wars films, it makes sense that Lucasfilm's two biggest properties would reference each other. Featuring names, quotes, and several familiar artifacts that should really belong in galactic museums, Lucasfilm has had a lot of fun over the years as both franchises have evolved. Here are 20 of the most notable times Indiana Jones and Star Wars have crossed over.


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