DC"s Most Underrated Movie Team Is Sadly Impossible For The Reboot To Save

Birds of Prey introduced DC's most underrated movie team, and sadly, it is impossible for the team to be saved by the upcoming DC Universe. James Gunn and Peter Safran will soon be refocusing the DC Universe, and while some characters will continue on from previous projects, others will remain in the past. A 10-year DC plan is already in place for the future, which will include movies, series, animation, and video games. Some actors and projects from the DCEU are set to return in the new DC Universe, and while not all of them have been made public, some have more chances than others.
There are still a few movies from the old DC management that have to be released. Those films include the highly-anticipated The Flash, newcomer Blue Beetle, and Jason Momoa's Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. All three franchises have good chances of continuing on in the new DC Universe, with Momoa almost guaranteed to have a role already, Gunn saying that Blue Beetle could fit the new universe due to its closed-off story, and The Flash changing the universe. However, the same cannot be said for Birds of Prey, as a sequel to the film was already a hard ask even before Gunn and Safran stepped in.


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