The New Supergirl Movie Will Be What Henry Cavill"s Superman Tried & Failed To Be

The DC Universe is starting a whole new chapter with its “Gods and Monsters” plan, which includes animated and live-action TV shows and movies that will form a cohesive universe, and among the confirmed titles is a Supergirl movie, which will be what Henry Cavill’s Superman tried to be but, sadly, failed at. With James Gunn and Peter Safran now serving as co-chairmen and co-CEOs, the DC Universe is ready to finally be a connected universe across live-action movies, TV shows, animation, and video games, and while some characters from the DCEU are coming back as part of this world, others had to be left out so the DC Universe can move forward.
While not all the projects in Gunn and Safran’s 10-year plan for the DC Universe have been announced, there are big characters from the DCEU that won’t be coming back, most notably Henry Cavill’s Superman. After announcing that Man of Steel 2 was finally starting to move forward, Cavill’s Superman was later confirmed to not be part of the DC Universe anymore, and instead, “Gods and Monsters” will kick off with Superman: Legacy, which will follow a younger Superman. Also part of this first chapter is the movie Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, which has a bigger chance than Superman: Legacy to be what Cavill’s Superman tried to be in the DCEU but could never be thanks to its source material and other elements.


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